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Marshall County Circuit Judge Tim Jolley Joins the Republican Party

Republicans Now Hold the Majority of
Elected Offices in Marshall County

April 26, 2009
Marshall County Circuit Judge Tim Jolley announced today that he has joined the Republican Party. Judge Jolley said he had been considering joining the Republican Party for some time. "Most people don't fit 100% in either party but
this is a personal issue for me and it has nothing to do with my judicial philosophy."

Only two and one half years ago, there were just three elected Republicans in Marshall County. With the addition of Circuit Judge Tim Jolley and Commissioner Tim Bollinger to the GOP today, Marshall County now has 13 elected Republicans, including three of the four judges. As a result, Republicans now hold the majority of the elected offices in Marshall County.

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby thanked Jolley for his service, "I am very glad to see Judge Jolley become a Republican. He is an outstanding judge and will be a great asset to our party."

District Judge Tim Riley of Albertville also congratulated Jolley, saying, "Judge Jolley is the kind of judge who follows the law regardless of who may be in front of him. He doesn't come down on the side of the Plaintiff or the Defendant; he comes down on the side of the law. Marshall County is lucky to have a circuit judge like Tim Jolley."

Marshall County Republican Party Chairman, Jean Brewer, welcomed him into the GOP, as well. "Judge Tim Jolley has been a respected and hard working public servant in Marshall County for the last decade. He is a respected jurist with a strong  reputation for fairness and honesty. We could not be happier to have such a fine gentleman in the Republican Party," Brewer said.

Brewer stated, "I am amazed at the growth of the Republican Party over the past three years. We have gone from having only three elected Republicans in 2006 to holding the majority of the elected offices in  Marshall County today. We are thankful to the citizens of our county for giving our candidates the privilege of serving them in public office." Brewer added, "We will continue to put forward honest men and women who favor lower taxes, small town  values, and common sense government."

Judge Tim Jolley was first elected to the Circuit Court without opposition in 1998, following the retirement of Judge William D. "Bill" Jetton, and was re-elected in 2004. Judge Jolley handles both criminal and civil matters. Judge Jolley and his wife, Angela, live in Albertville and are active members of First Baptist Church in Albertville.