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New Faces in the Halls of BMHS

By Jade Rice

Mrs. Swatek

This year we have many new teachers, one being Mrs. Swatek. Mrs. Swatek came to BMHS from Dekalb County, where she taught last year at Collinsville High and Crossville Elementary School. She lives in Sardis with her husband, Paul, her two boys, Will and Cason, and her pet malti-poo, Bandit. Mrs. Swatek attends Sardis Baptist Church and is a very active member. She received her B.S. degree in Finance at Jacksonville State University and is currently working on her Masters in Special Education. This is her second year teaching special needs, and she adores it. She finds it very rewarding, and looks forward to the new challenges that are presented to her with each day. She teaches her children to “love one another,” and she says she remembers this motto when things aren’t working the way she would like… “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. Mrs. Swatek relaxes by reading a good book. Her favorite author is James Patterson. She also enjoys riding four-wheelers with her children and loves spending time watching them participate in sports year round. She is a loyal Auburn fan and is looking forward to the 2009 college football season. She fits in well here at Brindlee Mountain. Word around the hall is that she is an amazing teacher and is doing an amazing job. We are sure she will keep up the good work in the years to come here at BMHS.

Senior Spotlights

By Brittney Dorsett

Jeremy Williams, Joshua Shawn Daniel, Jordan Shelton, John Raymond Skaggs (not pictured)

Jeremy Daniel Williams

Jeremy Daniel Williams is one of the seniors of the week at Brindlee Mountain High School. Jeremy is the son of Mike and Tammy Williams and the grandson of Jonny and Kathy Golden. He has one older brother Jamie Williams who also attended and graduated from Brindlee Mountain. As a child Jeremy went to Grassy Elementary. He has been attending Brindlee Mountain since the year 2005. Jeremy’s three main goals to achieve in life are to graduate college, to become an airborne ranger, and to be married. He plans on attending Jacksonville State University after high school and entering the R.O.T.C program to graduate with the rank of second lieutenant. Jeremy’s favorite color is blue, and he loves eating crab legs. He enjoys watching the movie “We Were Soldiers” and listening to anything country and rock. Jeremy is really close to his parents; they have been his role models, because they have always been there for him. His parents have always uplifted and helped him through many tough situations--no matter what he can depend on them to pick him back up when he falls or makes mistakes. In ten years Jeremy plans on fighting for our country as an airborne ranger. Being and doing the best is Jeremy’s definition of school spirit. His favorite thing about Brindlee Mountain is the roar of the crowd and the Friday night lights.

Jordan Stephan Shelton

Jordan Stephan Shelton is a senior of the week at Brindlee Mountain High School. He is the son of Barry and Celia Daugette and Jennifer Shelton. His grandparents are Steve Shelton and Kathy and J.D Hayes. Jordan has two sisters, Sydney Daugette and Deziree Shelton; he also has one brother Trenton Shelton. Jordan grew up and attended Union Grove Elementary, but in 2002 his 5th grade year he became a Lion and attended Brindlee Mountain Middle School. After high school Jordan plans on going to Snead State Community College. He wants to become a secondary history teacher and a basketball coach. His three main goals in life are to go to college, to get a job, and to be successful. Jordan’s favorite color is red, and he loves to eat chicken fingers. He enjoys watching the movie “No Country for Old Men” and listening to any kind of music. Jordan’s parents are his role models, because they have always been there for him. In ten years Jordan predicts himself teaching history to the students in the Marshall County district. Jordan’s definition of school spirit is always cheering for the lions whether they are winning or losing; or just being inspired to be like Jeremy Plunkett. His favorite thing about being at Brindlee Mountain is the fact that “Everybody knows everybody.”

Joshua Shawn Daniel

Joshua Shawn Daniel is also a senior of the week at Brindlee Mountain. He is the son of Shawn and Kellie Daniel and the grandson of Dot Daniel. Josh has one sister Miranda Daniel and one brother Tyler Daniel. As a child Josh attended Grassy Elementary. When 2002 came around in 5th grade, he became a Lion at Brindlee Mountain Middle School. After high school he plans on attending the University of Alabama to become a biologist. His three main goals in life are to play college basketball, graduate college, and be successful. Josh’s favorite color is red, and he loves eating steak. He enjoys watching the movie “Through the Fire” and listening to hip hop/rap. Josh’s dad is his role model, because he is the hardest working person he has ever known. Even though things never seem to go his way, his dad keeps his head up and proceeds towards the things he wants. The definition of school spirit for Josh is loving and supporting everything about school. Josh’s favorite thing about being at Brindlee Mountain is being surrounded by great friends.

John Raymond Skaggs

John Raymond Skaggs is a senior at Brindlee Mountain High School. He is the son of Diane Swan--mother and Ron Buffaloe--stepfather. John has two brothers, Matthew Swan and Eric Williams. As a child John went to Arab Elementary, but his junior year he became a Lion at Brindlee Mountain. After high school John plans to go to the University of Alabama for law school and hopes to become a civil attorney. His three main goals in life are to succeed in life, to have a happy family, and to live a long life. John’s favorite color is green, and he loves eating Chinese food. He enjoys watching the movie “Never Back Down” and listening to anything rock or country. Bill Gates is John’s role model, because Gates knew what he wanted in life and he achieved it. In ten years John sees himself starting a career and having a happy family. His definition of team spirit is having school pride. John’s favorite thing about Brindlee Mountain is that he can be himself no matter what.

2009 Lady Lions Volleyball Schedule

Sept. 1 @ Decatur Heritage Decatur Heritage/ Falkville 4 PM
Sept. 3 BMHS Spring Garden/ Decatur Heritage 4 PM
Sept. 8 BMHS Oneonta/ North Jackson 4 PM
Sept. 10 @Blountsville Blountsville/ North Jackson 5 PM
Sept. 14 @ Asbury Asbury/ Douglas 4:30 PM
Sept. 17 @Holly Pond Holly Pond/ Sardis 6 PM
Sept. 21 BMHS Falkville/ Sardis 4 PM
Sept. 24 @ North Jackson North Jackson/ Richard Hardy 5:30 PM
Sept. 28 @Appalachian Appalachian/ Holy Family 4 PM
Sept. 20-Oct 1 County Tournament TBA
Oct. 5 @Douglas Douglas/Boaz 4 PM
Oct. 12-13 Area Tournament TBA

Students’ Opinions

By Katherine Edge

This week, a handful of students were asked the identity of their favorite teacher at Brindlee Mountain High School. The responses from the thirteen students varied widely. Three students said that Mr. Brian Pool was their favorite. He teaches health at BMHS. He was tied for 1st place with Mr. Joel McConnel, who teaches Physical Education for both Brindlee Mountain Middle School and Brindlee Mountain High School. 2nd place is another tie. This tie is between Mrs. Dori Giles, who teaches creative writing, 10th grade English and literature. She is also our cross country coach. Mrs. Giles tied for 2nd with Mr. Kenneth Jex, who teaches physical science and chemistry. The 3rd place teachers were a three-way tie: Mrs. Stephanie Guffy, who teaches biology and environmental science; Mr. Ben Yancey, who teaches in the IVC lab; and last but not least, Mr. Zach Holmes, who teaches world history and US History 2. These are some of the more popular teachers at BMHS. ALL of our teachers are very good at their jobs!

September 9, 2009

Brindlee Banner Staff

Katharine Edge, Emily Hardin, Hannah Herndon - co editor, Brittney Dorsett - co editor, Jade Rice, Brittney Barrett, LaShae Barrett.

Kayla Kelley

Senior Spotlights

Ashleigh Kelley, Ashley Mathews, Brittney Sharp, Ashley Simpson                                   

One senior spotlight is directed towards Ashleigh Kelly today.
Ms. Kelly attended Grassy Elementary School and entered Brindlee Mountain in 2002.She is the daughter of John Kelly and Gena Lamar and the granddaughter of Jerry and Marsha Goldwin. Ashleigh has two brothers, Tyler and Cory Kelly. A few of Ashleigh's favorite things are the color pink, chicken, the movie “Marley and Me,” and any music except country. She plans on attending Wallace State or Snead State and transferring to The University of Alabama. Her profession is undecided, but her mind is set on journalism. Ashleigh's goals in life are to graduate from U.A.B., to have a successful career and to have a small family. Her mom, Gena Lamar, is her role model, because her mom continuously shows Ashleigh that with hard work and determination she can achieve anything in life. She shows her school spirit by supporting her team even after a loss, and she loves that everyone at Brindlee Mountain can get along.

Time for a big smile Ashley Mathews…the spotlight is shinning your way! Ashley is the inspiring daughter of Mark and Cynthia Mathews. Her sister, Sarah Mathews, and her brother, Adam Mathews, are always looking up to her. Ashley attended Debary Elementary in Orlando FL. She hopes to attend Auburn University to become a wildlife biologist. Ms. Mathews entered Brindlee Mountain in 2002. Her goals in life are to learn as much as possible and to be successful and to be happy. If she had to choose one color to be her favorite it would be blue, and her most satisfying food is Chinese. Ashley finds joy in reading the Harry Potter series and enjoys any genre’ of music. Any person that has stood up for themselves and what they believe in falls into the category of role model in Ashley’s eyes. In the future Ashley sees herself working at a zoo in a big city such as Birmingham. To support all school clubs shows school spirit to her. The most intriguing thing about Brindlee Mountain is the ever popular marching band.

Find your shades Britney Sharp…the spotlight is on you! Britney is recognized today as a Senior of the Week. Britney's parents, BJ and Chris Kent, should be proud of her. She is only one of five children. Her brothers and sisters are Dakota Kent, Kristin Kent, Terresa Kent and Chris Kent Jr. It sounds like her grandparents, Betty Chunn and Rhonda Ballew, have a lot on their hands when it comes to spoiling the grand kids. Britney attended Union Hill Elementary School and started attending Brindlee Mountain High her freshman year. She wants to be accepted to Wallace State and become an elementary school teacher or a social worker. Her main goal in life is to graduate college. Britney's favorite color is green…of course, who doesn’t like green? Her favorite food is Japanese, and she likes to watch the hit series “One Tree Hill.” Britney isn't very picky about music; she likes it all. In her eyes showing school spirit means supporting all school functions and dressing up at pep rallies. She appreciates that everyone is sociable at Brindlee Mountain, and her favorite sport is soccer. Britney’s mom is her role model for brightening up her life as much as possible and for always being there for her. In ten years she hopes to be married with a small family and settled into her new career and future.

Congratulations from Brindlee Mountain to Ashley Marie Simpson for the recognition of a Senior of the Week. Although the reader may be thinking of the famous star, the Ashley Simpson mentioned is much closer to our hearts because she is one of our own. She enrolled at Brindlee Mountain High her tenth grade year and has been dedicated to our school every since. Her definition of school spirit is dressing up in our school colors for every game. She loves that she can get along with everyone with no problem. Ashley is the daughter of Tama Absher and Scottie Simpson. Though independent, she is not an only child. Her siblings are Jessica Simpson and Kyle and Corey Absher. After high school Ashley plans on moving on to Snead State College and graduating with a nursing degree. After having settled down in her career Ashley intends on getting married and having a small family. Keep up the good work, Ashley; we are all rooting for you.

2009 Cross Country Schedule

Sept. 5 Scottsboro Invitational 9:00 AM
Sept. 12 Chickasaw Trails 9:00 AM
Sept. 15 Randolph Classic 3:30 PM
Sept. 24 Bob Jones School 9:00 AM
Oct. 3 Jesse Owens 9:00 AM
TBA County Meet TBA
Nov. 5 Sectional Meet: Scottsboro TBA
Nov. 14 State Meet: Oakville 9:00 AM

Students’ Opinions

Football season has just begun, and a few students’ opinions were asked on their choice between the Alabama or Auburn football teams. Twenty-five students were asked if they cheer for Alabama or Auburn. Thirteen students chose Alabama over the twelve that chose Auburn. Both teams have just played their first game of the season and both played a good game and both teams won. Keep up the good work!