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December 2004

I Am Christmas

Billy Skelton

I am Christmas -- I am the Father of all life, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the holiest of all that is holy, the Alpha and Omega of creation.....I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I am the Son of the Most High, yet I am the Son of Man.  I am the Word made flesh, the light that shines in darkness, the bread of life, living water, the first-born of all creation, the first-born from the dead, the one who made all things new.... I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I am the babe lying in a stable among animals because there was no room for my family in the homes and inns of man that night.  I am the boy who lost his parents by staying behind in the temple to talk with the scribes and teachers.  I am the carpenter from Nazareth who taught in the synagogues, who preached in the open air, who healed the sick, who ate with sinners and tax collectors....I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I am the suffering servant that Isaiah wrote about.  I was despised and rejected by those whom I came to save.  I was bruised for your iniquities.  I bore your sorrows, I was chastised, broken, scourged, and hung upon a cross....I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I am the resurrection and the life.  I am victorious over death, hell and the grave.  I have overcome, so that you will overcome.  I sit in power at the right hand of the Father.  I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I am the rider on the white horse.  I am faithful and I am truth!  My name is called the Word of God....I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I enter the hearts of the poor and give them joy that is beyond measure and can never be taken away.  I enter the hearts of the grieving and bring comfort in the face of sorrow.  I enter the stony hearts of the tight and miserly and break them with the power of love, charity and giving.  I enter into the violence and conflict of human life to bring peace that only I can give.  I enter the hearts of lost men and women to bring salvation and eternal life.  I look into the face of darkness and hopelessness and I shine through to those enshrouded in fear and worry....I am Christmas.

I am Christmas -- I am the Prince of Peace, I am called Wonderful, Mighty God, and Counselor.  I am good tidings of great joy.  I am Emmanuel, God with You.  I am Christmas....I am Jesus Christ the Lord.  Joy to the world, Christmas has come.  The Lord has come to us.

I am Jesus Christ the Lord and I am what Christmas is really about!!

Friend, what decision have you made regarding this Jesus

November, 2004

What Can Make Arab a Better Town

A - Attitude - Have a Positive Attitude
R -  Be Respectful of Each Other
A - Share Affection With All
B - Always Strive to Be Our Best

Arab is a great town, a great place to live.  The question is however, can we be even better?  Norman Vincent Peale would say that we always need to live our life with a positive attitude.  The primary reason attitude is so important is that it directly affects our behavior.  Thus having a  good (positive) attitude will allow us to respond to life's situations with the best behavior possible.

Respectfulness is a characteristic which we should all strive to possess in each of our lives.  When we display respect for others in our community, one would hope that it would become contagious.  The Bible, teaches us in Romans 2:11 that there is no respect of persons with God.  God does not show partiality.

The Book of Romans also states in Chapter 12, verse 10, that we should, be "kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another".  The statement or song once popular, says what the world needs now is "Love, Sweet, Love".   Is this not true today?  We still need this in our families, community and especially in our lives.

When I was young growing up as a young child, I remember my parents sharing with me that I should always try to be my best.  If everyone in our community would pursue being our best, there is no doubt we be a better and highly respected community.  Such principles as being our best, are perhaps better caught than thought.

Arab can be an even better community, with a bright future  if we maintain a clear focus.  All of the above principles and characteristics will assure us that a small town such as Arab can survive and maintain an influence that will surpass other towns and at the same time embrace our town's rich heritage.

Ralph McCollum, Pastor
Blue Springs Baptist Church
385 Blue Springs Road
Somerville, AL  35670


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