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How To Purchase
Arab Today Pictures

We receive a lot of inquiries regarding the purchase of pictures featured on Arab Today.  The following information is provided to assist our readers.

All pictures produced by Arab Today staff are copyrighted by and are available for purchase.

Pictures designated as special to Arab Today are not the property of Arab Today and arrangements should be made with the photographer.  Contact Arab Today for information as to picture origin.

To purchase pictures:

  1. Make a list of the photos that you wish to purchase.  Pictures in the web albums are usually numbered for easy identification.  However, in the case of sports photos, we will probably need to know the name of the article that matches the pictures.  For other pictures, tell us which story the picture appears in.

  2. Decide on the size and quantity of each picture desired.

  3. Email list, quantity and size to .  Please include phone number and home address.

  4. In some cases a deposit of at lest 50% of the order may be required in advance.

  5. Please allow 10-14 days from the date your order is confirmed by either email or phone.

  6. Minimum order is $10.00.

Picture Pricing

4 x 6 inches $    3.00 ea.
5 x 7 inches $  8.00 ea.
8 x 10 inches $15.00 ea.
11 x 14 inches $30.00 ea.
16 x 20 inches $50.00 ea.

Shipping charges apply on prints
11 x 14 or larger



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