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Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Marshall County

RSVP Jammers

Do you play or are you learning to play an acoustic instrument? Would you enjoy jammin’ in an old fashioned jam session for traditional acoustic players of all music genres and those who want to learn? Ladies and gentlemen welcome. Get involved with new people, come and join the RSVP Jammers who are re-organizing. The group is moving to early evening to accommodate more players.

Bring your instrument or instruments on Thursday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. to RSVP behind Mike’s Merchandise in Guntersville for the jam. Guests and listeners are welcome. This is a family atmosphere and proper etiquette with respect for others is required.

For more information call RSVP at 571-7734.

RSVP Welcomes Newcomers
With Coffee

October 25, 2007
Newly retired to Marshall County? The Marshall County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) would like to invite you to a coffee November 8 at 10 a. m. at the RSVP facility in Guntersville.

RSVP is providing an opportunity for newcomers in the area to meet each other and to connect with other newcomers who have like interests.

“Maybe you will meet someone who likes book clubs or fishing or dining-out supper groups and this will be the beginning of a friendship of a shared interest with someone in your new county”, said RSVP volunteer Louise Cowart who has been in Marshall County about a year.

“When a retired person moves into a new community, it is like starting all over meeting people and finding people who will become your new friends. For couples and single men and women this is not always easy and RSVP is having a coffee to allow newcomers to meet and become acquainted.”

If there is enough interest, the newcomers might want to form a Marshall County Newcomers Club which would provide an ongoing “connection”.

Please let RSVP know that you will be able to attend. Call RSVP, 571-7734, or email by November 2.

Personal Computer
User Group

Marshall County RSVP would like to invite you to become a member of their Personal Computer User Group. This month’s meeting will be July 16 from 1:15 – 3:15pm at RSVP, located behind Mike’s Merchandise.

The purpose of the User Group is to share computer information and techniques and is open to any adult who wishes to learn more about their computer. This month’s meeting will start with an open discussion where members may ask specific questions and get solutions to problems they are experiencing with their Microsoft operating system computers. The feature presentation will be recovering deleted pictures and files from camera cards, flash memories and other storage devices. A free, downloadable software application will be demonstrated. Key features of commercial software will be discussed For more information, call RSVP, 571-7734.

RSVP Current Affairs Café


An hour of coffee, good conversation on issues of the day and a joke or two.  Every Thursday morning from 9-10am, RSVP will host a weekly discussion of current affairs in our community, state and country.


Discussion will be centered on articles in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet.  All subjects have to be published within the week of the meeting.  Clip the article and make copies for everyone before the meeting.  This can be done at RSVP.


Each member will take a turn bringing in a current topic to discuss and get opinions on.  There can also be a short round-table discussion on any current topics about which members feel strongly.  At the end of each meeting, a member will offer the joke of the day, and everyone can leave with a smile.  Angela Otts is the facilitator.


Coffee will be served.  Members might want to bring a biscuit for themselves or volunteer to bring a treat for the group.  Members may bring a mug with their name on it to leave at RSVP.


To signup or for more information call RSVP, 571-7734.


For RSVP  Information Call:  Jean Ann Moon
                             (256) 571-7734





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